Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Happy to See that Mrs. Tyler is Back!

Mrs. Tyler in her office

We are interviewing Mrs. Tyler. She is the new school counselor at VUES. She worked here as a sub of Mrs. Cormier for a few months last year. Now she’s back full time! And we are happy that she’s back. Here are some questions that we asked her about herself and her new job.

Who is this teacher and what is she doing here?

My name is Mrs. Tyler and I am the School Counselor.

When did she get here and where did she come from?

I worked here last school year when Mrs. Cormier was out for
3 months, and I came back for this school year after working at
Mt. Abraham Union High School last spring.

Why did she come back and how did she get here?

I loved working here last year and enjoy my time with the
students at VUES, and I drive here in my car each day.

If you have any other questions for Mrs. Tyler, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading! 

 Interview by GD and ZB/phots by GD


  1. I'm glad she is back too!
    Is Mrs. Tyler planning any interesting new activities for students this year?

  2. I am really glad you are back, but I still miss Mrs.Courimere

  3. Yay for Mrs.Tyler