Friday, April 19, 2013

ANWSU Art Festival

Photo by Kimberley J

This week the students of VUES walked to the Art Festival at Vergennes Union High School.   In the VUHS gym, there were paintings and art work from every grade and every school in ANWSU.  We really enjoyed looking at the wonderful art!  
by Ms. Burlock's 2nd Grade Class

"It was very fun seeing the art work."   - Olivia S.

"It was very interesting to see an artist doing pottery." - Raia B.

"It was awesome to see the nice artwork, and the artwork was so beautiful." - Colby R-L

Anna R.  received special recognition from Middlebury College! 

Sydney T. received special recognition from Middlebury College!

2nd Grade Suns

3rd Grade Banners

1st Grade Sock Puppets

K Rock Art

K Bead Designs

VUES Digital Art
VUES Snowflakes