Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4th Grade Field Trip

Shopping for healthy food.

Using bake sale money to pay the cashier.

Walking to the John Graham Shelter.

Donating food.

Feeling happy because we made a difference!

News from the Math and Enrichment Room

VUES Kindergartners earned a POPS Paw and chose to pay a visit to our “play” room!

The 4th grade starts on the Winter Village by sifting and sorting through thousands of Lego pieces to reconstruct the 5 year collection of holiday sets.
The Winter Village is in minifigure scale. We also did some micro and macro building that produced GIANT figures and tiny toys.

The Master Builder photographs his classmates for the school blog. We will miss you, EB. Good luck in your new school!

Happy vacation, and may all your Lego dreams come true!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Concert

Our very excited Kindergarten gets ready to sing a very sweet song,
and it is also their first concert.  They are so adorable, they are, they are!

Fifth and sixth chorus getting ready to sing "Wind and Snow".

Mr, Sawyer singing with the song,  Auld Lang Syne with the kids.

Written by fifth graders,  A.Y and K.A.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Puppets in Education visited on Tuesday

Yesterday, our school was fortunate to have had "Puppets in Education" come to our school. They talked to us about bullying and how to prevent it by using various strategies for example: being assertive, or even just finding humor in the conversation to distract the bully.  Thank you, VUES Community Group for providing the funds for Puppets in Education!
Written by 6th graders C.A. and K.W.