Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vegetable Signs for the School Garden

The Vergennes Union Elementary School third graders painted signs for the school garden. The students studied community with Mrs. Fay. Mrs. Rapoport came in to talk to the class about the garden. As a result, the third grade decide to a community service project with Mrs. Pettibon.  They created signs for our VUES garden. The students painted on wooden boards the name of each of the 20 vegetables and herbs that are to be planted in the garden. Two students, one from each class, painted one side of each board. Thanks to the third grade, it will now be easier to find vegetables in the garden.

Look at these wonderful signs!

More colorful signs for the garden. 

Article by sixth grader, R. O. 

Willow Wheelock

Willow Wheelock is from Womens Safe in Middlebury. She came in to the sixth grade five times. The first time she taught them about Communication. The second time about Gender. The third time about Relationships and Friendships . The fourth time about the difference between Sexual Harassment and Flirting. Then, the fifth about a Safe "Go-To Person".

Heather and Willow

Some sixth graders with Heather and Willow 

Article, pictures and captions by sixth grader S.P.

February POPS Assembly

On February 12th, Vergennes Union Elementary School had it's February POPS assembly. The second graders took over the assembly. After they announced POPS students of the month, the second graders showed a little something they do for exercise in the morning. Then Ms. Sargent and Mrs. Kayhart chose the class of the month. There was a tie this month, and two classes won the Royal Paw.  Both kindergarten classrooms won and are currently sharing the Royal Paw. Below are photos from the assembly.

POPS students of the month

Mrs. Ekroo's and Mrs. Bearor's classes are POPS classrooms of the month.

      Some 2nd graders getting a little exercise.

 Students doing the exercise
Kindergartners having fun with the exercise  

Written by sixth grader, E.T.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Spirit Week

Crazy Hair Day

More crazy hair.

History Day

More history day costumes

Sports Day

Blue and White Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Father Daughter Dance

On Friday from 6-8 o'clock, the sixth grade hosted a Father-Daughter dance. Many people in all grades attended. Josh Brooks donated his time to be the DJ. Other parent volunteers helped organize, set up, run concessions, sell tickets, and clean up. All the money earned from this event will go towards the end of the year sixth grade field trip.  There was roughly 1,000 dollars earned from this event.  Everyone had a great time at this annual fundraiser.
Written by sixth grader, R.O. 


3 friends


Let's dance!

Do the Macarena!

Having fun

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kindergarten Special Art Class

Mrs. Bearor's Kindergartner class raised the most money for the VUES Community Group fundraiser last fall.  They were rewarded with an extra, hour long art class.   They were able to create to projects out of clay.   Later, in their regular art class, Mrs. Pettibon plans to glaze these clay sculptures.  

Playing with the tools!!!!

Designing things kindergartner style!!!!

Squishing up the clay!!

 Thumb print fun for everyone!!!

Welcome to my island.
A kindergartner thinking hard of what he wants to do. 

Rolling clay for a sculpture!

 Designing patterns in the clay. 

Roll that clay!!!!

Article and captions by sixth grader, S.P.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Student Council SPA Luncheon

     On Wednesday, January 27, Student Council members from the Vergennes, Addison, and Ferrisburgh elementary schools went to the Vergennes Union High for a SPA (Student Prevention Association) Luncheon. VUES students walked to the high school with Ms. Tulip, the School Counselor.  This happens twice a year. Students arrived and did an activity to get to know students from other schools.  All students listened to a presentation on e-cigarettes and ate a delicious taco lunch.