Friday, January 23, 2015

New VUES GeoBee Champ!

Mr. Sam with our new GeoBee Champ!

Six students competed in the school National Geographic Bee on Thursday.   The winner, shown above, will move on to the next level of competition by completing a written test.  Based on her test results, Olivia may qualify for the Vermont State GeoBee!

Good Luck Olivia!  

4th Grade Greek Gods/Goddess Presentations

Mrs. Dodge's and Mrs. Kingsley's 4th grade students did God/Goddess presentations. They have been researching their God/Goddess for a few weeks. They took turns presenting in Mrs. Dodge's classroom at night from 6:30 to 7:30 on 1/21/15 and 1/22/15. The presentations were for family members. There were cookies and fizzy punch. It was an informative and fun evening for all.

"It was pretty fun! We got to dress up, and at the end had cookies and punch."  -Sydney

Article by fourth grade students, S.B, S.A. and B. B