Thursday, February 16, 2017

Interview with Mrs. Castillo

            Mrs.Castillo is very important to many students in VUES. She is the women with many names such as Mrs.C, Mrs.Castillo, Millie Jean, Millie, and Jeanie. Two students of VUES . interviewed the beloved  Millie Jean. We asked questions like whats your favorite color and favorite food (which by the way is pink and tamales) but we wanted to get deeper into the life of the amazing Mrs.Castillo. She has worked here for 16 years (since 2002). Her position in VUES is valued much as she is a paraeducator in the special education department. When we asked what she thinks of  the children in Vergennes Union Elementary School,  her answer was, "I love every single one of them!" Mrs. C said she absolutely loves her job  and the students that come with it. Her birth day is August 29 and Millie is currently 54.

                                                                          -Article by sixth graders, C.R. and K.Q.

Sixth Grade Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids Project

Who: Mr. Sam’s and Mrs. Wenzel’s sixth grade students

What: A project for Mr. Sam’s social studies class based off of our Egyptian unit.
Vergennes Union Elementary School, Vergennes, Vermont.

Where: Mr. Sam’s sixth grade classroom.

When: January 4, 2017

Why:  It was done as a creative project to relate to our previous social studies unit.

Article by sixth graders, M.H. and M.V.


Dance Party at VUES

The Thundercats Ball was a blast to all! DJ Charlie performed and played every ones favorite jams!
The dance helped the sixth grade end of the year overnight trip! Hope every one had a fun and good time if you did come!  😊

Article Written by sixth graders: T.Q. and C.M.
Photo by: Mr.  DeBlois

Friday, February 10, 2017

Math Counts Competition

On Saturday, Keaton and his team of middle school students from ANWSU participated in the MathCounts District Competition at Castleton State College.  They competed against 5 or 6 other teams for a total of about 60 students.   The Vergennes team placed first in the Team Round.  The State Competition will be held at Vermont Tech on March 25th.  Good luck Vergennes!!

Photo by M. Deblois, article by sixth graders, J.S.M.  and K.S.M.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

District Musical Festival

Middle School District Chorus

MS District Jazz Band
Congratulations to the Green Mountain Music Festival participants in chorus and jazz band!  It was an extraordinary performance for all those who auditioned and were accepted.  They spent the whole day practicing with their directors and conductors so they could put on a spectacular show for the audience.  From our school singing for chorus was, Reese, Raia, and Olivia.  Playing in jazz band from our school was, Gideon, Bethany and Jasmine.  Thank you to the directors and conductors, and our very own Steve Sawyer, our beloved music teacher.  Once again congratulations to all participants and make sure to be back on March third to see the Middle School Symphonic Band.

Article Written By Sixth Graders: O.S., R. G., and G. P.
Pictures Taken By: Mr. Matthew DeBlois

Friday, February 3, 2017

3rd Grade Tall Tales

3rd grade read and performed three tall tale plays for parents and classmates.  

"They were really fun." - C.K. (Third grader)

"It was hard to remember some lines but we made it through the plays." - C.B. (Third grader)

The plays were:  John Henry, Paul Bunyan, and Johnny Appleseed.

Paul Bunyan 

Paul and Babe

Johnny Apple Seed
Johnny Apple Seed and a farmer

John Henry
Article and captions by C.B. and C. K. (Third graders)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Global School Play Day at VUES


      Global School Play Day is a day where all students do is play. You have the whole school and most of the surrounding property to do whatever you would like. (That is, except using electronics.) You can play with Legos, do activities in the gym, or just relax and lay back with no work to do all day. You could go for a hike in the outdoor classroom, ice skate, or play a board game. Global School Play Day is a day that is fun for everyone!
Global School Play Day

Playing b-ball in the gym with Mr. DeBlois. 

Young musicians in the works

Creative Lego sculptures with Mrs. Woods - futuristic fun!!!

 A not so quiet library...

Heads!!!!!!!!look out below.

Article and captions written by sixth graders,  MH, KSM, and KQ