Monday, October 7, 2013

Ping Pong POPS

Fish tank in the main lobby

What does a fishbowl  full of ping-pong balls have to do with POPS? Here in V.U.E.S. we have a system called P.O.P.S. Positive Organized Polite and Safe. We used to get paw stickers for being a good student. We had a big paw that used fifty paws to fill up and when we did we got prizes. But now we (3rd-6th graders) have new lanyards that we carry around. It is a 4x4 square divided into four groups of four. The groups are Hallway and Bathroom, Classroom, Cafeteria, and Playground. When we get a paw we open up the lanyard and put the paw where you got it. When you fill up a whole 16 paws you cash it in for an orange ping pong ball. When you get the ping pong ball you put it in a fish tank. When the school fills up the tank we get a POPS reward.That is the new school system for POPS.

Written by A.G. in 6-2 and B.B. from 5-2


  1. there are different color cards right. i have the blue card

  2. Cool! I'm looking forward to using this new system of P.O.P.S.! I can't wait for the school celebration!