Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mrs. Sargent

June Sargent

Who is she?

She is the new principal of V.U.E.S!

By Toni B., Jasmine A., and Colby B.

We interviewed Mrs. Sargent to learn a little bit more about her and her thoughts about VUES.

Toni:  What did you do before coming to V.U.E.S?
Mrs.Sargent: I was the principal at Proctor High School for 5  years.

Toni: What do you like about this school?
Mrs. Sargent: I love working with younger students, and  I appreciate all the teachers hard work.

Toni: What was it like growing up?
Mrs. Sargent: I grew up in Vergennes. I came here, to V.U.E.S for elementary school, then I went to V.U.H.S for  high school and I played a lot of sports.

Toni: What is your hobby?
Mrs. Sargent: I read historical novels and I collect a lot of Star Trek stuff.

Toni: Where and when were you born?
Mrs. Sargent: I was born in Burlington on June 25th 1964

Toni:  Where did you grow up?
Mrs. Sargent: I grew up here in Vergennes.

Toni: Where did you used to work?
Mrs. Sargent: Proctor and Mount Abe schools.

Toni: When did you decide to come to V.U.E.S?
Mrs. Sargent: When I found out that Mr. Bassett was retiring.  

Toni: Why did you decide to come to V.U.E.S?
Mrs. Sargent: I wanted to work where I grew up and where I know best.

Toni: Why did you want to come to V.U.E.S?
Mrs. Sargent: I wanted to work with younger students.

Toni: How is Vergennes different from your last school?
Mrs. Sargent: Younger kids,and more families that have difficulties.

Toni: How will you discipline the behavior challenged kids who visit your office?
Mrs. Sargent: Well... first talk to them and try and figure out why they weren't doing what they were supposed to do,  then hold them accountable for what they did.