Thursday, April 14, 2016

VUES Community Group Talent Show

On Saturday, March 19, VUES had a talent show. The show was put on by the Community Group. The show took place at the VUHS Auditorium. The students from VUES did amazing acts up on stage.

Jazz Band

Synchronized Swimming

Students Singing

Annie Skit

A&D Auto

Student Dancing

EMCEES with the Director

Article & Captions written by Sixth Graders S.P. & R.O.

Kindergarteners acts out Rose's Walk

In library class, the Kindergarten classes acted out the book, Rosie's Walk.   Mrs. Pettibon helped students create the wonderful masks and props for the play during art class.

Rosie in her hen house.

The fox falls on the rake.

Rosie walks around the pond. 

Rosie goes over the haystack.

The foxes go past the mill. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4th Grade Flynn Workshop


                                         In preparation for the Flynn Theater Field Trip! 

     Today Mrs. Kingsley's and Mrs. Dodge's classes learned about the Peking Acrobats show.  4th grade students will be taking a field trip on Friday to see them at the Flynn. The Peking Acrobats are a Chinese group. All of their shows are different. But they always start off with the traditional lion dance. They do the lion dance so that they can scare off all the bad luck! If you want to learn more about the Peking Acrobats go to the Flynn website  . Here are some photo's from the Flynn workshop at VUES.

Ms.Sue from the Flynn is explaining the Chinese Lion Dance.

Way to go girls! Teamwork!

"Look at me!," says the boys .

Showing off their awesome moves to the class. Yay!

These girls worked hard on this pose. Good job!

These boys were having a fun time performing.

Written By: A. L. One of the students from the class!

Shh! We Have a Plan

Both 2nd grade classes acted out the book, Shh! We Have a Plan.

Wings, tails, hats and ears were created by students in Mrs. Pettibon's art class.  The books was read, and the play was created and practiced during library class with Ms. Foley.  Below are some pictures and comments from students about this experience.

"I love plays because they are fun to perform." M.P.

"I want to do more plays because they are fun!" S.H.

"It was hard working together."  C.K. 

"It was very fun doing the play." K.L.

"It got a little silly at the end."  A. L.

"The actors in the play were funny." R.V.