Thursday, March 30, 2017

 Kyra won a free throw competition sponsored by the Knight of Columbus in Barre on Saturday, March 18th. She won a big trophy. She competed against 4 girls in this state competition. She won first at St. Peter's Parish Hall, then at Mt. Abe and then finally at Barre!   

She made 11 out of 25 shots, and then she tied with another girl. She went into the first tie-breaker. You get 5 extra shots. Kyra made 3 out of 5 and so did the other girl. Then she made 4 out 5 shots, and so did the other girl, and then she made 4 out 5 again, and the other girl made two out of five.  Congratulations Kyra!

Article by 6th grader, J.W.

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