Thursday, March 30, 2017

Interview with Mrs. Kayhart

Mrs. Kayhart
How long have you worked here? 27 years
What do you do for a job? I am the School Climate Facilitator and co-athletic director
What is your first name? Sandy
Do you like your job? Yes
Do you have kids if so how many? 4
Where were you born? Burlington,VT
Did you or do you still play sports? I did soccer, basketball, and cheer leading
What are your hobbies? Biking, hiking, running, baking, and kayaking
What do you like most about your job? I like the staff, the children, the sense of the belonging, and everything.
What is your favorite song? Hello by Adele
How many animals do you have? 1 horse and 2 dogs
What is your favorite sports team? New York Yankees
What is your favorite book? Books by Nicholas Sparks
What was your favorite subject as a kid? Spelling and Math
Article by sixth grader, R.M.
Edited by G.P. and J.A.
Photo by J.A.

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