Thursday, February 16, 2017

Interview with Mrs. Castillo

            Mrs.Castillo is very important to many students in VUES. She is the women with many names such as Mrs.C, Mrs.Castillo, Millie Jean, Millie, and Jeanie. Two students of VUES . interviewed the beloved  Millie Jean. We asked questions like whats your favorite color and favorite food (which by the way is pink and tamales) but we wanted to get deeper into the life of the amazing Mrs.Castillo. She has worked here for 16 years (since 2002). Her position in VUES is valued much as she is a paraeducator in the special education department. When we asked what she thinks of  the children in Vergennes Union Elementary School,  her answer was, "I love every single one of them!" Mrs. C said she absolutely loves her job  and the students that come with it. Her birth day is August 29 and Millie is currently 54.

                                                                          -Article by sixth graders, C.R. and K.Q.

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