Thursday, February 9, 2017

District Musical Festival

Middle School District Chorus

MS District Jazz Band
Congratulations to the Green Mountain Music Festival participants in chorus and jazz band!  It was an extraordinary performance for all those who auditioned and were accepted.  They spent the whole day practicing with their directors and conductors so they could put on a spectacular show for the audience.  From our school singing for chorus was, Reese, Raia, and Olivia.  Playing in jazz band from our school was, Gideon, Bethany and Jasmine.  Thank you to the directors and conductors, and our very own Steve Sawyer, our beloved music teacher.  Once again congratulations to all participants and make sure to be back on March third to see the Middle School Symphonic Band.

Article Written By Sixth Graders: O.S., R. G., and G. P.
Pictures Taken By: Mr. Matthew DeBlois

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