Monday, March 23, 2015

Tall Tales

Mrs. Fay’s and Mr. Brindisi’s class put on a delightful play on March 18th. Mrs. Fay produced 3 plays; “Paul Bunyan” , “Johnny Appleseed”, and “John Henry”. The plays included joyful music, funny comedy, and provided the kids lots of knowledge about these 3 historical people. The classroom overflowed with many parents and friends to see these wonderful kids perform 3 amazing plays!

Written by sixth grader, J.K.

 Here is Ma Bunyan talking to Paul. 
 Here is Paul passing the axe to the workers
{Paul  Bunyan}

{Johnny Appleseed}
 The preacher is talking to Ma and Pa
{John Henry}
 {John Henry}
{John Henry}
 {Paul Bunyan}

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