Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vermont Geo Bee

VUES 5th grader, Olivia B. had a great time at Middlebury College this past Friday where she competed in the Vermont Geographical Bee. Olivia won the Vergennes Union Elementary School Geo Bee on January 3rd and moved onto the state Geo Bee. The state competition had 100 student participants (grades 4-8) from around Vermont

"It was nerve-racking at first, but once I got there everyone thought I was completely cool. I plan on winning my school Geo-bee next year, and moving on again to show those judges what I'm made of."-Olivia B.

She thought she did a lot better at the Vermont state competition. She made the top 23! She liked that the judges gave you more than one chance to get a question wrong. She felt she got all the easy questions, but overall she thought the experience was really great.

Article by sixth graders,  J.K and A.T


  1. I just want to say congrats to Olivia Brooks my classmates for making it to the Geo Bee!! She did a great job and we are all proud of her! Thanks to everyone who were wishing her luck and supporting her.

    SB grade 5 cadoret.

  2. I want to say congratulation to the Geo Bee champ from V.U.E.S. 5 grade. She studied really hard for the Geo Bee she made it in the top 23! Hope she had a fun time at the Geo Bee.

    SB grade 5 cadoret

  3. Great job Olivia! Nice photos. The article was also well-written.

    RO grade 5 racine

  4. You guys did an amazing job at the geo bee.

    OS 4 Dodge

  5. GO Olivia! You did amazing at the geo bee. Great job:)

  6. Olivia you did amazing at the geo bee! Good work:)
    CR 4 Kingsley