Monday, March 16, 2015

Jr. Iron Chef

Jr. Iron Chef Teams

Jr. Iron Chef is a very interesting program. In this after school program, kids create and prepare dishes such as fruit salsa on a crepe with strawberry drizzle, and veggie stir fry with cauliflower couscous. The Sizzlin’ Strawberries and The Cookin’ Commodores are competing on March 21 at a cooking competition in Essex, Vermont at the Champlain Valley Exposition Center.

On the left is E.L. and on the right is S.C. slicing and dicing.

On the left is B.B. and on the right is A.R.

On the Left is R.D. on the right is the Sizzlin' Strawberries dish.

 This is the Cookin' Commodores dish.

 There are one member from each team not in the pictures, A.T. from the Cookin' Commodores and E.G. from the Sizzlin' Strawberries.

  Article by E.G. and S.C. Photos by E.G

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