Monday, May 19, 2014

Everybody Wins!

EW! VT finishes first year at Vergennes Union Elementary School
Everybody Wins! Vermont (EW!VT)  is mentoring program based in literacy.  Currently there are 24 schools in the Vermont with an EW!VT mentoring program.    
The foundation of EW!VT is the Power Lunch, which pairs elementary school children with adult reading mentors. Reading mentors spend one hour a week at schools with their student partners. Each week, the pairs read together and share conversations about the books. The Power Lunch provides children with positive role models and fosters a love of reading and learning.
Research has proven that the more children read, the better readers they become; the better readers they become, the more they want to read. Children who read well tend to achieve more academically, enjoy school more, and stay in school. EW! VT is not a tutoring program. Rather, the goal of EW!VT is to help children develop and practice literacy skills by helping them experience the pleasure of reading good books in a one-to-one, noncompetitive setting.

This year Vergennes Elementary school had seven reading pairs who met once a week during lunch starting at the end of January.  This week a end of the year celebration was held for the mentors and mentees with pizza and cake for all.      

The EW!VT program will be back again next fall.  Want to become a mentor or know someone who would be a great mentor? Visit or contact Tara Brooks to learn more. 

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