Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with a College Student about the Outdoor Classroom Improvements

Bridge builder and college student, Asher with some VUES students. 

College students had plans to build a bridge in the outdoor classroom recently, so we interviewed one of the students. First we asked college student Asher what his motivation for his tedious task of building a bridge in the outdoor classroom, and he said; “I was doing it as an extra-curricular class, but my more prominent motivation was to keep pollution, and residents of the wetland (the wildlife) happy.” Next we asked him how long it took to build the bridge, and when it’ll be finished, and he replied; “The bridge is finished and now laid out in the wetland.” We then asked him as his third question what he thought of the beavers. He replied “I thought it was pretty cool that they were there, they may have made the building of the bridge a bit tough, but we think it must be pretty sweet to have wildlife like that in the outdoor classroom.” For our fifth and final question, we asked him if he knew that two beavers were removed, and if he felt that it was necessary. He said “No, I didn’t know that two beavers were removed. I know they caused some problems though, so I believe it was necessary in a way.” We ended the conversation with a little tag-along conversation about that last question, and he left. This concludes our interview with Asher. Until next time,                                                          
 Article by 6th grade students, H.C.and S.F.
(6th grade students have been learning about the Outdoor Classroom
in Mrs. Raphael's Enrichment Class)

The new wetland bridge in the VUES outdoor classroom.

Another view of the new wetland bridge. 

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