Monday, March 14, 2016

School Wide POPS Award

On Thursday, March 10, the whole school celebrated a POPS award. It was movie day at school!  Kindergartners got to pick between 2 movies, and grades 1-6 had the choice of six movies (six teachers). Students had many options for movies including: the LEGO Movie, Page Master, The Never-ending Story, and much more. This award lasted from 9:30-11:00, when students gathered in the assigned classroom that the movie of their choice was playing.

"I liked the movie, the Never-Ending Story." said fourth grader, C.W.

"I would rather do that than homework." said sixth grader J.V.

"Fun for the audience" said fifth grader C.H.

When the final S in V.U.E.S. is done, there will be another school-wide celebration!

The S is almost complete!

Photo and article by sixth graders E.T. and R.O.

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