Monday, March 21, 2016

Biomes in grade 5

During the month of March, the fifth grade studied different biomes with Mrs. Racine in science class.  A biome is a place where a variety of different species live.   Students are learning that there  are many different biomes in the world.  

Groups of students in each 5th grade class painted a few of the many biomes in the world.  Some examples of chosen biomes were freshwater lake, estuary, savanna, and river.   With Mrs. Pettibon's help in the art room,  groups drew and planned out a biome scene.   Next students painted the biome scene on a huge oval piece of paper.  The final products are finished, and they look great!  A big thanks to Mrs. Pettibon for her help.  

The Fresh Water Lake by 3 5th graders 
The Estuary by 2 5th graders  

The Savanna by 2 5th graders 
A River by 4 5th graders
                                                   Article by sixth graders R.O. and I.H. and Pictures/Captions by sixth grader S.P.

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