Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The VUES Craft Fair was a Success!

$244.00 and 10 boxes of food was donated to the Vergennes Food Shelf.  Also, $3,600.00 went to support the After School Fusion Program.  Some of the jobs were baking, donations, setting up, taking down, ans hanging signs.  Some people who supported that were parents, teachers and students.  The vendors did very well, and there was a great turnout of shoppers.  

Some other little fun facts that happened: 
  • There was a children's room where kids could do crafts, and they could watch movies while their parent were shopping
  •  Some former VUES students were the DJs for Christmas music.
  •  Steve Sawyer and the chorus group came through and sang carols.  
  • Finally the winners of the Raffle Selling Contest... there was a fifth grader in Mrs. Cadoret's class who got first place, another fifth grader in Mrs. Racine's class who got second place, and a kindergartner in Mrs. Ekroos's class who got third place.  They all will receive a Vergennes Green Bucks.

Some VUES students that helped out!

The Chorus group singing carols.

                                                                                                                                                                                     By 6th grader S.P.

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