Monday, October 6, 2014

Iceman Artifacts

This fall, the sixth grade in Mr.Sam's class learned about the Iceman of the Alps (Otzi).  

The Iceman was found in the Alps frozen in a glacier by Austrians in 1991.  He was an important find for historians because he had a rare, valuable copper ax.  His body was preserved for over 5000 years!   Below are photos of the sixth grade with their homemade artifacts that relate to the Iceman's life.  There was a variety of artifacts including: weapons, tools, and art.

Here are a couple quotes from students about what they thought about this activity.

"It was cool.  I'm better with hands-on (activities) than with paper and pencil."

"It was helpful 'cause it was hands on.  I like doing these types of projects."  

Photos Z.B.  and article by C.W. and Z.B 


  1. I though Brent and Maya were really talented and I thank them for coming

    from SB 5C

  2. I like your Iceman Artifacts
    CCL 5C

  3. Everyone's projects were amazing from 6w A.Y

  4. I loved doing the iceman artifacts! It was so fun!\
    JK 6W

  5. All the artifacts were really cool, and I liked how everyone wanted to do something different!

    AC 6S