Thursday, October 16, 2014

Healthy Eating at VUES

The ladies at the lunchroom are really watching out for us and our health with some really healthy choices during lunchtime. After an interview with Lisa Sprage, we discovered some more ways that they are making healthy choices.  
A ladybug on a leaf.
Up at the VUES garden, with help from Lynne Rapoport, the lunch ladies are growing some yummy vegetables to serve during lunchtime. The garden provides vegetables for lunches in the fall, and herbs all year round.
A beautiful sunflower with a bumblebee on it. 

Even though the garden currently does not grow fruit, Lisa explained that they may begin planting fruit sometime, but that it will only be possible if more help is offered for the garden.

Some of the local farms they rely on are Norris Berry Farm, Lumiere in Ferrisburgh, Maple Meadows Farm, and Champlain Orchards.

Bright flowers and yellow tomatoes

So the next time you see the Lisa S., Lisa G, and Trish make sure that you thank them for looking out for us.

-Photos and article by A.R and S.C, VUES 6th grade


  1. .I like reading book sets that have food in it.
    From RM 5C

  2. Mmm Veggies ooh and pretty flowers and ladybugs!!!!!!
    From 6W, A.Y