Friday, October 19, 2012

Mrs. Cormier

Welcome Mrs. Cormier!

We interviewed Mrs.Cormier, the new guidance counselor.
She was born on April 15, 1981, and she grew up in New Britain,CT. Her childhood was very positive and fun.  Before she came to VUES, she was a K-8 guidance counselor at Barstow near Rutland, VT.  Her hobbies are yoga and running.

She came here on March 2012 after they found out that Mrs.Williams was retiring. Mrs. Cormier heard lots of goods things about the school, and it was close to where she lived. Once she saw Vergennes she wanted to be here. Her last school is different because at her last school she taught K-8.  Now at this school, she teaches K-6 and this school is larger than the last school. The interesting things she has planned for us are: ring toss, smartboard videos for the little kids, and team games. She likes this school because she thinks everyone is very friendly and positive and very welcoming.

Article by Colby B., Jasmine A., and Jacob G.
Photo by Colby B.

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