Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. Brindisi

Mr.Brindisi is the new science teacher at V.U.E.S.  Before he came to V.U.E.S., he was a third grade teacher in Peru, New York. He now teaches 5th and 6th grade kids.
Mr.Brindisi likes how friendly and involved the kids and teachers are at V.U.E.S.

When Mr.brindisi was growing up he was very active and played lots of sports such as baseball.  He was born and grew up in Saranac Lake, New York.  He was born December 17th, 1985 (He is 26 years old).  He loves astronomy and reading. He also loves to play with his dog, Rudy.  Some of the fun and cool things he will be doing in science are:  visiting the outdoor classroom, having students help suggest topics for fun things to do as a class,  working on astronomy with the 6th grade, and doing some enjoyable experiments. Last spring, after he left his interview in Vergennes, he knew this was the place he wanted to be!  Mr.Brindisi decided to come to VUES because Vergennes is a nice community, and there is a lot to do here in Vergennes.  Mr.Brindisi tells us that VUES is different from his last school because in his last school the students never switched classes and they stayed in one class for every subject.

Mr. Brindisi was interviewed by Toni B. and Jasmine A. The article was written by Jasmine. The photo was taken by Colby B.


  1. RO, BK
    In a few years we will have Mr. Brindisi as a 6
    and 5 grade teacher!

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