Monday, October 12, 2015

Gwen Zwickle

We have a new literacy teacher and her name is Gwen Zwickel. She came to this school because she heard great things about this school. She used to work as a literacy teacher, and also an art teacher. She grew up in New Haven, Vermont. Her favorite color is periwinkle. Her favorite animals are cats and giraffes. One of her favorite book series is Harry Potter. One of her favorite movies is “The Hunger Games”. If she wrote a book it would be about a horse that escapes from its barn and had an adventure. She went to UVM.. If she had a super power, it would be to read minds. Her favorite ice cream is Coconut Dark Chocolate and Almond Chunk. We look forward to having her as a teacher.

Photo and article by:Ian .H, Oscar .H, and Dereck .V

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