Friday, December 19, 2014

4th Grade Giving Back Project

This month the fouth grade work on a project to give back to the community. Students had a bake sale during the VUES Music Concert that raised $179 dollars.  Next, the students walked to Shaw's and Kinney's to buy products to donate to the John Graham Shelter in Vergennes.

"It was a great experience to do this kind to stuff in fourth grade." - K.B. (fourth grader)

"I feel good about all our work because it is close to Christmas, and other people in need can have a Christmas dinner." - M. G. (fourth grader)

Below are some photos from our field trip to Shaw's.

This group was shopping for meals in a can or box. 

This group was shopping for vegetables for the John Graham Shelter. 

This group delivered fruit to the John Graham Shelter.

This group was also shopping for food in cans. 

This group was shopping for protein products.

Other 4th graders were shopping for food.

Article by MG, KS, CM, and KB (Fourth graders)

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