Monday, May 6, 2013

Multicultural May Speakers

On Monday, VUES had some visitors for Multicultural May.  Three students from Middlebury College volunteered their time to speak about different countries.   Jeff talked about Hong Kong.  We learned many facts including Hong Kong has more than 7 million people!  Maria talked about Australia.  Australia has many interesting animals and customs.  Sophia talked about Spain.  We learned about the different food that people enjoy in Spain.  At the end of the visit,  we sang songs and ate Australian cookies.
Written by Mrs. Paquette's first grade class

Jeff speaks about Hong Kong.

Singing folk songs from Australia.

Maria speaking about Australia.
Sophia speaking about Spain.

"Learning about countries was fun."  - Anika W.

"I want the visitors to come back, and the cookies were delicious!" - Levi C.

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  1. Thank you, Middlebury College students for your visit. We had a fun and interesting time too. - Mrs. McGuire's 2nd Grade Class